Preserving  cultural heritages
and promoting art for our future

From the beginning on Artforum Culture Foundation could started with private support an art collection of international and the most recognized Greek Artists, especially also those, who had to place their career abroad. Italy, Germany, France and USA where a few places where many Greek artists could develop their own style and where they let great contributions to art history.  They have left behind a cultural contribution that has not yet been sufficiently appreciated. Not only artists but also art mediators such as Christan Zervos (a.o. for Picasso)  and Teriade (a.o. for Miro, Matisse, Chagall)  or art consultant Alexander Ioalas (galleries, collector and promotor for Andy Warhol, René Magritte, Roberto Matta, Ed Ruscha, Jean Tinguely, Yves Klein, Jannis Kounellis, Takis, Victor Brauner and Niki de Saint-Phalle a.o)..  have also played a decisive role in shaping European and American art history.

Collection of Greek art

Today within our private collection, which is also open for public purporses and the basis of our research, are most of all important Greek artists from the late 19th to the end of the 20th century, like: Nikolaos Gyzis, Georgios Iakobides,Nikophoros Lytras, Symeon Sabbides,Georgios Bouzianis, Konstantin Parthenis, Konstaninos Maleas, Odysseas Fokas, Jannis Tsarouchis, Jannis Moralis, Nikos Hadhikyriakos-Ghikas, Spyros Papaloukas, Giorgio de Chirico, Fotis Kontoglou, Theodoros Stamos, Alekos Fassianos, Diamantis Diamantopoulos, Nikos Engonopoulos, Giannis Gaitis, Panayiotis Tetsis, Jannis Spyropoulos, Mario Prassinos, Dimitris Mytaras, Kostas Karas, Pavlos, Thodoros, Alexis Akrithakis, Jannis Kounellis, Ioannis Bardis, Angelos, Dimitris Geros, Pantelis Tsatsis, Manolis Polymeris and many more with over 500 works.

A.P. ASTRA - The European Bull - Artforum Culture Foundation
A.P. ASTRA - The European Bull - Artforum Culture Foundation

International art

In the focus of Artforum collection are as well recognized and emerging artists like Marc Tobey, Le Corbusier, Frans Masereel, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, James Lee Byars, Joseph Beuys, Andy Warhol, A.R. Penck, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, Allan Jones, Fernando Botero, Leon Fontana, Heinz Zolper, Michael Jansen, Joe Brockerhoff, AP Astra, Peter Merten, B Good, Helmut Newton, Mel Ramos, HA Schult, Gerhard Richter, Herman de Vries, Heinz-Günter Mebusch, John C.B. Moore, Vera Isler, George DuBose, Monika von Eschenbach, Corinna Zieleke, Kristine Bento Monteiro, Jana Dettmer, Guillermo Malfitani, Wolfgang Siemens, Helmut Tollmann, Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat,  Antoine Verglas, Alex Katz, Kaws, Sigmar Polke, Tom Wesselmann, Christo, Jeff Koons – and works by other artists from  European countries, Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, UAE, African countries and South- and Middle America.

Global Galleries

Global Galleries© is a non profit platform to support art projects, promoting cooperation between artists, galleries, companies, institutions, collectors. We make direct sales possible between private collectors to support research and art- and cultural projects.

Collecting and networking

Our declared conviction is the need of collecting art and networking artists and cultural projects for a better awareness and understanding of social life. To reach this aim Artforum Collection needs further on help by  volunteers and donations.   Artforum Culture Foundation is cooperating with public institutions and private  foundations., i.a. with pac private art collectors, Winter Stiftung Hamburg and Art Thessaloniki.

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