The main network for art historical and forensic research


Artforum Culture Foundation collects detailed information and documents about all collected artworks and about the involved artists. A special service is dedicated to forensic analysis and evaluation of Modern art. Artforum Culture Foundation is supported by volunteers and contributors, who spend their knowledge and time to expand our possibilities. Certifications of authenticity can be done on request. The foundation operates its independent services in co-operation with ArtExpert ( and other experienced specialists. The experts are in position to check masterpieces of modern and contemporary art. Especially Greek art of the 19th and 20th century is within the scientific focus.
Inquiries of private and public collectors are welcome. After a process of identification and verification the results can be certified on request.

Library and Archives

Artforum Culture Foundation disposes a significant specialised library for art history, history and archaeology of more than 15.000 volumes in total, thousands of collection-, exhibition- and auction catalogues, magazines, artist's albums and original documents. The library is distributed to different places and is specified on reference books. During the last years digital media are added with millions of data. This is not a lending library and can be used only for the foundations own purpose and interest.

All inquiries for copyrights, sponsoring, photo-credits of the artists represented by Artforum Culture Foundation can be send to info(at)

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