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Dialogues and Perspectives in Art and Culture

Artforum Culture Foundation is involved  in European art, particularly in the Greek contribution to modern and contemporary art. It is a pleasure to be a constant cultural partner of Art Thessaloniki, which finally became a non-profit institution now.  Art Thessaloniki offers the opportunity of a curated public space for art and cultural contributions from galleries, artists, and museums through an annual fair. Artists, art brokers, collectors, and cultural institutions play a significant role in making our world more diverse and open.

7. Art Thessaloniki 23. - 26.5.2024
7. Art Thessaloniki 23. - 26.5.2024


The Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Fair, taking place from May 23 to 26, 2024, will once again present the most dynamic cultural event in Southeast Europe. It is organized in collaboration with the National Agency for the Organization of Exhibitions, Congresses, and Cultural Events by Pantelis Tsatsis, founder and artistic director. The event is supported by the non-profit Art Thessaloniki, promoted by the state exhibition company HELEXPO, and backed by the Cultural Society of Entrepreneurs of Northern Greece. Young and innovative entrepreneurs increasingly recognize the benefits for social and economic development. In recent years, the event has regularly attracted up to 25,000 visitors.


The fair provides a platform for contemporary art and includes a variety of exhibitions featuring both established and emerging artists. A highlight of the event is the MATAROA Award, which gives young artists up to 33 years old the opportunity to present their work to a wide audience and includes cash prizes.

Thematic Exhibitions

Art Thessaloniki encompasses various thematic exhibitions. This year's presentation, "The Female Figure in Art. An Artificial Intelligence Approach," will showcase works from the Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki, depicting the female form in different artistic media, including oil painting, watercolor, and photography. This concept draws attention to the diversity and equivalence of art media.

Xenakis Ausstellung, Museum Konstantin Xenakis, Serres. Art Thessaloniki
(c) Xenakis Exhibition, Museum Konstantin Xenakis, Serres. Art Thessaloniki

Xenakis Exhibition

The Konstantinos Xenakis Museum in the neighboring northern Greek city of Serres, dedicated to the eponymous painter, will be part of this year's Art Thessaloniki with selected works. Xenakis (1931 - 2020) was a cosmopolitan artist whose work often included script signs, particularly the Hebrew alphabet, symbols and codes of everyday life, traffic signs, alchemy, zodiac signs, mathematical and chemical symbols, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and letters of the Greek, Phoenician, and Arabic alphabets.

Hellenic Diaspora Foundation, Gruppenausstellung, 7. Art Thessaloniki
(c) Hellenic Diaspora Foundation, group exhibition, 7. Art Thessaloniki

Hellenic Diaspora Foundation

Another exhibition, organized by the renowned Hellenic Diaspora Foundation, will feature significant works by internationally recognized Greek artists. The sculptures, paintings, and installations are all works by artists of the Greek diaspora, known Greek visual artists who lived in Europe and America, many of whose works have rarely been shown in Greece (Stephen Antonakos, Lynda Benglis, Michael Michaeledes, Theodoros Stamos, Costas Tsoclis, Chryssa, TAKIS, and others).

Opy Zouni, honored artist. 7. Art Thessaloniki
(c) Opy Zouni, honored artist. 7. Art Thessaloniki

Honored Artist: Opy Zouni

A tradition of the event is the Honored Artist project, which this year is dedicated to the Greek artist Opy Zouni (1941 - 2008) with a retrospective. She was a significant Greek artist known for her abstract works characterized by clear geometric shapes and intense colors. Zouni also worked as a professor at the Athens School of Fine Arts, significantly contributing to the training and promotion of new generations of artists.

Art Thessaloniki, visitors
Art Thessaloniki, visitors

Exchange and Mediation of Art and Culture

In addition to exhibitions, the fair provides space for discussion forums, workshops, and networking opportunities for artists, gallery owners, and collectors. Visitors can also participate in guided tours to learn more about the various exhibited artworks and the involved artists.

Cultural Partner

Art Thessaloniki - Cultural Partner
Mataroa, Artforum Culture Foundation, ArtExpert|network, Winter Stiftung Hamburg, Osten museum

Further Information

Detailed information about the event, including ticket purchases and accommodation options, can be found on the official website of the Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair.

General Information: Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Fair
May 23-26, 2024 Pavilion 9 & 10, TIF HELEXPO SA,
Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Congress Centre

154 Egnatias Street, 546 36 THESSALONIKI

The event offers a VIP Lounge, Press Office, Art Shop, Catering Areas, Lecture and Screening Room, Free Parking, Free Wi-Fi, and 24-hour security.

A Contribution by Leonardo A. Safiriou

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