Deconstruction and Reconstruction of the World

New project by the artist Monika von Eschenbach.

Shaping our present and future

In February 2024, the renowned artist Monika von Eschenbach presents a fascinating new project with an impressive spatial staging at the art space of Grevy! Gallery in Cologne. Under the title "Deconstruction and Reconstruction of the World," she leverages her extensive experience as an artist and architect to unite innovative methods of destruction and construction.

A artistic response to global upheavals

Monika von Eschenbach understands her project as a symbolic act aimed at bringing political and cultural upheavals back into collective consciousness after the events of September 11, 2001. By intertwining personal experiences as an architect with significant historical events such as the reconstruction of the World Trade Center in New York, she creates a multifaceted reflection on the present and future of our society.

Eschenbach, Monika von. WTC - 9:11, performance with dancer
(c) Eschenbach, Monika von. WTC - 9:11, performance

Premiere of a groundbreaking exhibition in Cologne: "Deconstruction and Reconstruction of the World"

With her project, Monika von Eschenbach pushes the boundaries of her art by shaping image information into a mobile object and interweaving it with performance dance and music to create a captivating atmosphere. This unconventional approach allows her to create surprising moments with diverse aesthetic statements, encouraging visitors to reflect deeply.

Eschenbach, Monika von. WTC - 9:11, model
(c) Eschenbach, Monika von. WTC-9/11-Project: Destruction and Reconstruction, model

An extraordinary sensory experience

By portraying the duality between reality and fiction, Monika von Eschenbach invites viewers to form and reflect on their own images. The project marks the beginning of a planned series of presentations and will be complemented by an accompanying film and graphics to be released later by ArtForum Editions.

Eschenbach, Monika von. WTC - 9:11. Down to Ground Zero
(c) Eschenbach, Monika von. WTC - 9:11. Down to Ground Zero

The importance of space and humanity

The presentation takes place within the framework of the group program "Somewhere," which highlights the mutual influence of humans and space. Here, architecture is not only seen as a functional necessity but as an expression of worldviews and individual life journeys.

The book on the project has already been published:

Eschenbach >Monika von Eschenbach. WTC- 9:11 Buchveröffentlichung 2024. ArtForum Editions
Monika von Eschenbach. WTC- 9/11. ArtForum Editions. Book cover

Monika von Eschenbach. WTC - 9/11.
Deconstruction and Reconstruction of the World.
Culture Clash | Clash of cultures
Edited by Peter Merten, with contributions by Leonardo Safiriou and Sybille Moore
German-English edition, hardcover
KPM | ArtForum Editions, 2024
ISBN 978-3-910694.05-7

The exhibition runs from February 16 to March 15, 2024, at ArtSpace Grevy! in Cologne,
opening reception on February 16 from 6 to 9 p.m.
closing reception on March 15 from 6 to 9 p.m.

In context of group exhibition "Somewhere"

In addition to Monika von Eschenbach, other artists participate in the exhibition "Somewhere," including Helmut Brandt, Renate Geiter, Katja Kempe, Ursula Krenzler, and Dietmar Tessmann.

ArtSpace Grevy! Address: Rolandstraße 69, Rear Building RED, 50677 Cologne (Südstadt)

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