Lina Tonia: Art & Music

The 5th Art-Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair hosts this year the award-winning composer Lina Tonia.

Lina Tonia will present for at the opening her new composition. The work Ana(s)tassis for piano, was written by order of the art institute Ikia Garipis, Mykonos,  for Art Thessaloniki 2021, where it will be presented in the first world performance by Phoebus Filkas.

Lina Tonia, composer. Art Thessaloniki
Lina Tonia, composer. Art Thessaloniki  -international contemporary art fair, life performance.


Lina Tonia is a world-famous Greek composer, with more than 140 compositions related to music for opera, concerts, orchestra and works for smaller ensembles, many of which have been presented and awarded at international composition competitions in Paris, Vienna, London, in New York, Boston, Japan, Moscow, Weimar, Berlin, Edinburgh, Zagreb, Sofia, Plovdiv, Tirana, Thessaloniki and Athens. She was recently awarded the title of Composer of the Year 2020 at the New York International Music Awards by the Association of American Musicians, Singers and Performers. The international American magazine STARS Illustrated presented her in the list of the 100 most important people on the planet for the year 2020 among persons of art, science, politics and spectacle.
Lina Tonia is a founding member and artistic director of Meet the Art, artistic series of concerts and performances around Modern Art in Thessaloniki.

Mezzosoprano Kassandra Dimopoulou at Art Thessaloniki
Mezzosoprano Kassandra Dimopoulou at Art Thessaloniki

Ikia Garipis is an art institute based in the island of Mykonos. Its approach is not about selling artworks but helping potential collectors understand art why it is worth looking at in an art fair. The art fairs should be a place in society where the general public comes in a state of open minded curiosity, a place of wonder and questioning and discovery and togetherness - a democratic space, a space where new ideas emerge.

The music experience as well as the art exhibition will  benefit from the encounter between music and art on occasion of the opening of this year's Art Fair Art Thessaloniki. As part of the further cultural program, the artistic director Pantelis Tsatsis succeeds in bringing art to life in a new way and emphasizing the unique significance of such an event far beyond the city and Greece.

Art Thessaloniki

Opening:  2021, November, 25th


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