Dialogue of photography and painting

Two female German artists touch the delicate line between reality and imagination

Jana Dettmer, Red Connection II

(c) Jana Dettmer, Red Connection II

The exhibition FATA MORGANA at Dettmer art projects, Cologne/Germany, presents works by the artists Monika von Eschenbach and Jana Dettmer. Both are professional artists and successful as well as architect (Eschenbach) and as lawyer (Dettmer). Fata Morgana generally means a phenomenon of reflection, which is suitable to deceive our senses with illusions. It touches the delicate line between reality and imagination. Under this onomatopoeic term, the two artists have come together to relate their works from different artistic positions.

Jana Dettmer, abstract painting

(c) Jana Dettmer, abstract painting

Jana Dettmer is dealing with the longing and search for meaning for the unknown in us and the inner essence of matter. She sees a great opportunity to tackle this quest in exploring colour. For her, colour is not only  a means of creation, but as a discovery of the previously invisible. Accordingly, her works are almost entirely characterized by the minimalism of pure colour and their almost infinite mixing ratios. Her approach to dealing with colours takes into account both aesthetic and scientific aspects and their psychological effects on people.

Monika von Eschenbach, Fata Morgana - The abandoned chair, detail

(c) Monika von Eschenbach, Fata Morgana - The abandoned chair, detail

Monika von Eschenbach, Zora 2 | Zora 3

(c) Monika von Eschenbach, Zora 2 | Zora 3

As an artist, Monika von Eschenbach has been treading new paths in the field of photography and the three-dimensional border crossing for decades. The possibility of thinking at all and being able to be artistically active in any case presupposes a space that is kept free from norms and forms the basic prerequisite for the origin of innovations. This space is limitless and can initially be located in mind. The task of art is to transfer new thinking in learned - that means in old - forms and then to redesign them independently. Exceeding dimensions create an irritating game of perception for the viewer, as the human eye always wants to focus.

KunstStücke by Dettmer | art projects
15, Stammheimer Straße
50735 Cologne

Vernissage: June 10th, 2021, 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Exhibition: June 10th, 2021 - July 1st, 2021
Due to the currently applicable Corona protective measures, a visit to the exhibition is only possible with prior registration by email to: contact (at) janadettmer.com, for the vernissage please specify a desired time slot between 6:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

An exhibition catalogue (German texts) is published in collaboration with Dettmer art projects, Artforum Culture Foundation and Winter Foundation
at ArtForum Editions:
Jana Dettmer. Abstract colourfield painting. The art of liberation. | Monika von Eschenbach. Fata Morgan. About grasping reality.
Edited by Peter Merten, 2021
The catalogue is available during the exhibition or can also be purchased online on request.



Projects and networking


Network+ Project Artforum Culture Foundation starts new ways of co-operations cross-over between artists, collectors, museums, galleries, cultural institutes, government departments, cities and economical partners. With  Network+ Project Artforum Culture Foundation itself will come in touch to all of these different partners and will provide cross-over coordinations. Network+ Project can become a mediator to built up connections between all of these different partners to realise at the end a self-growing multi-level communication-network.
Artforum Culture Foundation will give technical and personal aid for such a network to initiate new proposals as well as to disseminate information and set up a database.  This shall constitute new tools to handle the future. Various personal and media meetings will worked out and pursued by the Artforum Culture Foundation, as well as pilot projects in cooperation with partners.

European Cultural Centre (ECC)

An explained aim of Artforum Culture Foundation is to install an European Cultural Centre (ECC) within the scope of the non-profit assignments as an icon of western identity and a meeting place for  intercultural exchange. EEC shall be a home or a retreat for artists and other cultural workers.It should become an institution which displays a drop-in centre and a close place for artists and cultural partners - not only from Greece, the Balkans, and the countries of Europe, but also from Turk states, Middle East, Africa, Asia, America and the Pacific area. Creative people from all regions and cultures should be able to gather here for exhibitions, music and theatre events and to communicate on symposia. The variety of their own ideas and suggestions will lead absolutely not only to an enrichment of the modern cultural world of the region, but to transfer and exchange new ideas globally. In particular this European Cultural Centre will also devote itself to the people in the Diaspora (not only Greeks) and prepare for them chances to introduce their special knowledge and experiences. Artforum Culture Foundation like to perform with this idea and the development as a project also a contribution for the transfer of the European idea as a possibility to unite independent and different heritages under a common ethnic and cultural umbrella. This idea is based on the conviction that cultural impulses always show social, political and economic impact.  

GULF PROJECTS. From Dark to Light

Dialogue of western thinking and islamic culture. Basic idea of the projects is to make as starting point the uneasiness, which proceeds also from the common one in western and Arab culture, for a respectful argument. Since beginning of the eighties this project is independently developed by the artists Astra and Jansen as an effective way to overcome today again the predominating lack of communication between the cultures. A main condition will be the public presence of the cultural dialogue.  
No progress of the cultures can start without economic basic conditions - and also no economic prosperity can exist in the long term without reciprocal cultural effect. But nobody can know in advance, how cultural potentials distribute themselves. This is a further approach of the concept 'From Dark to Light'. GULF PROJECTS refers also to the project variety in the Gulf region and its model-character. The incomplete, the fresh developing, the multiple mix under the pressure of time and market leaves perhaps only further cultural profanity to develop, but perhaps in addition something which is synthetic in the best sense of the word.
GULF PROJECTS,   based on a concept by Safiriou and Jansen in 1983, facilitate contributions of western and Arabian contemporary artists for exhibition projects in Europe and the Arabian gulf countries. It started in 2009 in co-operation with Goethe-Institut. Generous loans were made a.o. by Winter Stiftung, Hamburg.  A basic aim is to draw attention for the authenticity, but also for the common roots of western and Arab cultures. For further information see: gulfprojects.kulturserver-nrw.de

Art and religion / Kunst und Religion (KuR)

Artists project to analyze the role of religion.(bbk-koeln.de, www.koeln.de/koeln/ausstellung_untersucht_rolle_der_religion_707186.html, www.artundamen.de)

Feminism and Gender discussion

In cooperation with Winter Stiftung Hamburg  Artforum Culture Foundation accompanied and supports a new global movement: Artists for respectful life.  Within this project the Feminism and gender discussion is one very important component. The artist Heinz Zolper, inventor of the "Dame" metaphor, is one of the the main artists to push this into public space with "Damen-Kult". To develop our society for future we have to understand that respect and full integration of women as well as all diverse is a need. It may not be seen as  a gracious act, but as a must.

Reconciliation of Values

In cooperation with Artforum Culture Foundation and Winter Stiftung , the project Reconciliation of Values ​​(Versöhnung der Werte) has started under the artistic direction of Heinz Zolper. In a time of irreconcilable disputes and fake news, the project would like to offer a culture platform for social interaction in love and respect. The project Reconciliation of values ​​wants to address consciously emotions and to stimulate thoughts.


Art Thessaloniki art fair

Thessaloniki became one of the hot spots of young and cultural life in Europe. Today Thessaloniki is not only a place of huge history, but a multicultural city moving forward. Since its creation in 2016 Thessaloniki international Exhibition & Congress Centre is the venue of the fair, every year in November. Art Thessaloniki art fair, under its founder and director Pantelis Tsatsis, offers the most significant space for contemporary art in the whole area of southeast Europe and the East Mediterranean area. Within its concept there is prevention, communication and networking for galleries, artists, museums, collectors and visitors from all over the world.

IAM – International art moves

IAM - international art moves presents the best talents from art academies worldwide in Berlin and other places.

OSTRALE - Contemporary art project. 

Ostrale is called one of the greatest art events in Germany during the summer months. Since 2007 OSTRALE- Center for Contemporary Art organizes the annual international exhibition of contemporary arts in Dresden. From 2017 on,  Ostrale will be a Biennial (ostrale.de).

Winter Foundation I Winter Stiftung

Winter Stiftung is a private foundation in Hamburg to support art, culture and social targets. It build up an own art collection to unite prime international art and art by emerging artists. The main focus is on collecting art of the 2oth and 21st century, just oriented to quality.  The foundation is orientated internationally - without any borders.

Dettmer art projects

Cologne based lawyer and visual artist Jana Dettmer makes her art space "KunstStücke - Dettmer art projects" an important place for art and cultural projects. With the support of Artforum and  Winter Foundation Hamburg, events are regularly organized. The idea behind it: Art should come close to us - be entertaining, exciting, lustful and crazy. Art needs communication.  With passion the team by Dettmer promotes the dialogue about art.