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Art Thessaloniki 

International contemporary art fair: 11/03. – 06/2022

El Greco prize for Ilya & Emilia Kabakov

With its innovative concept of an event as an art fair for galleries, independent artists and museum exhibitions, Art Thessaloniki has again been able to attract the attention of well over twenty thousand visitors for the sixth time. The fair once again clearly shows the connection between art, culture and society. This became particularly clear with the awarding of the El Greco prize to the Ukrainian-American artist couple Ilya and Emilia Kabakov for their life’s work. On the occasion of the Russian war, this award ceremony also has an important political dimension in connection with the exhibition Dreams and Reality in cooderation with OSTEN museum. Skopje.

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Other museum exhibitions during the fair were dedicated to the artist of the century, sculptor George Zongopoulos (in association with the Zongopoulos Foundation, Athens) and the artist Konstantinos Xenakis (in association with the Xenakis Museum, Serres). His work often includes written script, in particular the Hebrew alphabet, symbols and codes of everyday life, traffic signs, alchemy, the zodiac, mathematical and chemical symbols, Egyptian hieroglyphics, letters from the Greek, Phoenician and Arabic alphabets


MATAROA awards

For the 3rd time, the Art-Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair and the Cultural Society of Entrepreneurs of Northern Greece (PEEVE) organized the MATAROA AWARDS for young artists under 33 years old.

Artforum Culture Foundation is cultural partner of Art Thessaloniki



November 03 – 06, 2022

Art Thessaloniki, Greece
Art director: Pantelis Tsatsis
International Exhibition
TIF HelExpo-Center

154 Egnatia Street

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