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The century artist George Zongopoulos (Γιώργος Ζογγολόπουλος), born 1 March 1903 Athens, Greece and died 11 May 2004 (aged 101) Athens, Greece, was an important sculptor, architect and painter who presented the 20th century with his work.

Zongopoulos exhibition Thessaloniki 2022-2023
Zongopoulos exhibition Thessaloniki 2022-2023


In collaboration with the Zongopoulos Foundation and Art Thessaloniki | TIF HelExpo an exhibition is hosted by Megaron Mousikis, Thessaloniki's concert hall, designed by japanese architect Arata Isozaki. Sculptures and paintings by the artist of the century George Zongopoulos are presented under the programmatic title: "The works sound like music". The exhibition is curated by art historian Katerina Koskina.

Opening of the exhibition Zongopoulos by k. Koskina, Ch. Galileas, V. Gakis, N. Theoridis and P. Tsatsis
Opening of the exhibition Zongopoulos by k. Koskina, Ch. Galileas, V. Gakis, N. Theoridis and P. Tsatsis

The artist loved the city and its people - and they loved him.

The inauguration took place in the presence of hundreds of art and music enthusiasts. One senses immediately that the artist loved Thessaloniki and he was reloved by the its people. The ensemble of umbrella sculptures on the promenade of Thessaloniki, along with the White Tower, is one of the city's special landmarks for years.

The sculptural and painting works of Giorgos Zongolopoulos could not be exhibited in a more welcoming and suitable place than that of the Thessaloniki Music Hall, because this leading Renaissance artist loved music. After all, in various apostrophes of the introduction it has pointed out that “a Schumann’s music has a special volume. A piece of Mozart music has a volume of transparency. A piece of Bach music has a monumental volume. On the plastic side, when you see a work with a certain rhythm, it breaks somewhere, even sonically if you want, it is instinctively interpreted in you. Not that they are written in music notation, no. The motivations that the work gives you sound like music.”

Zongopoulos exhibition concert hall Thessaloniki
Zongopoulos exhibition concert hall Thessaloniki


At the Concert Hall, the public will be able to admire up close some of the artist’s best-known sculptures, discovering unknown aspects of his multifaceted work. Sculptures that present the concept of rhythm through hydrokinetic function. Lightweight metallic compositions activated by the elements of nature. Magnifying lenses that give new dimensions and perspectives to the reading of the sculptures.

The exhibition is under the patronage and support of the Regional Union of Municipalities of Central Macedonia (O.M.M.TH.)  and TIF-Helexpo, which has also taken on the design of the exhibition.

Thessaloniki Concert Hall
25, Martiou
546 46Thessaloniki

The exhibition runs from December 20, 2022 to March 31, 2023.

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