(c) Kabakov, Ilya & Emilia, Ship of Tolerance

Ilya Kabakov – farewell

We remember the Ukrainian-American conceptual artist Ilya Kabakov, who died on May 27 at the age of 89.   At

Zongopoulos exhibition Thessaloniki

His works sound like music

The century artist George Zongopoulos (Γιώργος Ζογγολόπουλος), born 1 March 1903 Athens, Greece and died 11 May 2004 (aged 101)

(c) Kabakov, Ilya & Emilia. Art Thessalonki 2022

Kabakov: Dreams & Reality

A must to go: Kabakovs multimedia project DREAMS & REALITY at Art Thessaloniki 2022 Ukrainian Artists Ilya & Emilia Kabakov:

Tsatsis, Pantelis - at work. art & ecology. monograph gr en. ArtForum Editions 2022.

art & ecology

The artistic work of Pantelis Tsatsis What can art contribute to the new environmental awareness? ArtForum Editions has recently published

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