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Tsatsis, Pantelis - at work. art & ecology. monograph gr en. ArtForum Editions 2022.

art & ecology

What can art contribute to the new environmental awareness? ArtForum Editions has recently published a monograph on the art and

Zolper Edition - Versöhnung der Werte. ArtForum Editions


In cooperation with Artforum Culture Foundation and Winter Stiftung , the project Reconciliation of Values ​​(Versöhnung der Werte) has started

B Good d- Artforum Culture Foundation

World AIDS day – is every day

AIDS, Corona and other pandemics can only be defeated together – or never. More than 12 million people worldwide are still

Heinz Zolper, Lady as a symbol, multiple art, jewelry pin. ArtForum Editions

There is no way like humanity

An important project that demands the support of many people, especially of municipalities, states and the federal government, is dedicated

Eschenbach, Monika von > masked face bw. Artforum Culture Foundation


HELP! – YOURSELF AND OTHERS. coronavirus and its disease Covid-19 is threaten humanity. Solidarity, respect and love are required like

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