(c) Kabakov, Ilya & Emilia. Art Thessalonki 2022

Kabakov: Dreams & Reality

A must to go: Kabakovs multimedia project DREAMS & REALITY at Art Thessaloniki 2022 Ukrainian Artists Ilya & Emilia Kabakov: […]

Tsatsis, Pantelis - at work. art & ecology. monograph gr en. ArtForum Editions 2022.

art & ecology

The artistic work of Pantelis Tsatsis What can art contribute to the new environmental awareness? ArtForum Editions has recently published

MATAROA Awards. Art Thessaloniki


Linking the art market with promoting young artists and culture The Cultural Society of Entrepreneurs of Northern Greece and the

Museum exhibition "The Greek Revolution" at Art Thessaloniki

Greek Revolution

On occasion of the bicentenary celebration of the Greek Revolution started from 1821, the museum exhibition “The Greek Revolution” is presented

Lina Tonia, composer. Art Thessaloniki

Lina Tonia: Art & Music

The 5th Art-Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair hosts this year the award-winning composer Lina Tonia. Lina Tonia will present for at

Artforum board member Eva Apostolidou in front of a Takis public sculpture. Art Thessaloniki

Takis Foundation

Takis Foundation Athens We like to introduce Takis Foundation, a research center founded by the Greek sculptor Takis in 1986.

AR Biennial. Work by Greek artist Theo Triantafyllidis

Augmented Reality Biennial

New virtual art Interact with digital works of art in real time using your own smartphone or tablet. The world’s

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